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Online Adoption Events

Would you like to build your knowledge with tools, tips and strategies to help you in your adoption and parenting journey?

AdoptOntario’s Online Adoption Events are an exciting, new way of connecting families with waiting children and youth. Online presentations of profiles are sometimes offered as a part of a series, where an educational event is offered the week before.

The Education Night

Experts in various topics such as Autism, Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, Trauma, etc present information aimed at demystifying stigma and offering insight into what parenting a child with each need is like. At these events attendees will;

  • learn about the needs of young people with these needs;
  • gain perspective;
  • learn parenting tips and tools;
  • open your hearts to children and youth with exceptional needs.

At the end of the event, participants will have the ability to ask questions.

The Profile Night

Workers present profile(s) of children and youth for families to consider. At these events attendees will;

  • see specific children available for adoption;
  • ask questions of workers about profiles;
  • view profiles after the event on an online platform;
  • express interest in potential matches.

Upcoming Events

Child Profile Event - Danielle | Dominic and Alexander

Date: April 18th
Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Registration for this event has now closed.

Are you looking to adopt? If so, you are welcome to attend our profile event to meet some of the children and youth AdoptOntario is seeking forever families for. This event is open to all families, no matter where you are in the adoption process!

Let us tell you about Danielle!

Danielle is a lovable seventeen-year-old who can make people smile in an instant. She enjoys being around others, is very social and thrives on one-on-one interaction. Danielle is affectionate and happy who does well with routines and familiarity, but also enjoys new activities. She loves books, butterflies, music, funny movies, bingo, as well as going to the park and mall. This youth has some special needs in regards to her communication and mobility. Danielle requires a family who will have the time and energy to share in the joys of parenting her, embrace her achievements and be comfortable working with a variety of services.

Let us tell you about Dominic and Alexander!

Dominic and Alexander are two brothers who will warm your hearts with their sweet and playful personalities. Five-year-old Dominic is the big brother of the two and his absolute favourite thing to do is play with his large collection of cars. He also enjoys time at the park and at his foster family’s camper where he swims and fishes. He is very attached to his little brother Alexander, and is nurturing and gentle toward him. Everyone who has met four-year-old Alexander feels that he is special—that he has a special ‘light’ inside of him.” Alexander has special needs, however he shows a strong determination to overcome obstacles. He has a fierce willpower to never give up and continually amazes his loved ones by pushing through any challenges that come his way. These brothers will need a home together. Dominic will require a lot of attention in his adoptive home to make him feel comfortable and secure. A family who will have the ability to support Alexander with his medical needs would be best.

Registration for this event has now closed.