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Meet the AdoptOntario team

Meet the AdoptOntario team.


Pat Convery, RSW – Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the Adoption Council of Ontario (ACO), Pat Convery plays a major role in providing AdoptOntario’s services and is the program’s Privacy Officer. Pat brings over 30 years of clinical experience in adoption, child welfare, assessment and mediation. She spent many years with Children’s Aid Societies, working as an adoption social worker and in adoption program development and coordination. Pat is committed to her belief that children and youth should never grow up in foster care. She believes that when children and youth are not able to return to their birth family, adoption is the best option for permanency and we must do everything we can to find a family for each child.

Mary Henry – AdoptOntario Program Manager

As Program Manager, Mary Henry plays a crucial role in the facilitation of AdoptOntario’s services. Mary brings her experience in science, education and technology to the adoption field, assisting in the development of new programs that will help bring adoption into a new technological era. While overseeing the AdoptOntario program, Mary also works with the software developers, Avocette, to enhance the AdoptOntario Professional Databank and public website. She ensures that the best practices are put to use on both these platforms, so as to protect the information of children, youth, families and workers. Mary believes that by using technology to assist in the adoption process, more children and youth will finally be able to find their forever homes.

Karisa Farinha, RSW – Clinical Coordinator

As a Clinical Coordinator, Karisa Farinha brings over seven years of experience in social work – including two years of child protection experience in London, England – to the AdoptOntario team. Karisa prepares child profiles, as well as communicates with and advocates for families who are in the adoption process. She also collaborates with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services in the biannual Adoption Resource Exchange, helping to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Karisa believes that every child and youth has a forever family and that it is just about finding the right one.

Danielle Otchie, MSW, RSW – Clinical Coordinator

After working for five years as a social worker in child protection, fostering and adoption, Danielle Otchie developed a passion for ensuring that every child has a forever family to grow up and grow old in. Danielle brings her frontline local and international experience to the AdoptOntario team. She assists adoption workers in profiling children and youth on the AdoptOntario website and Databank, as well as advocates and communicates with families about children and the adoption process. Danielle cares very deeply about making the adoption process as smooth as possible for both families and children.

Shannon Goldberg, MSW, RSW – Clinical Coordinator

With experience in supporting children and youth both domestically and internationally, Shannon Goldberg brings experience and enthusiasm to the AdoptOntario team. Her passion for assisting children and youth has led to her mentoring and teaching life skills within an Ontario child and family service agency; a non-profit educational organization in rural Mexico; and a healing group for youth who have been affected by community violence. Shannon now assists families with adoption by educating them on different processes and special needs. She also creates profiles for children and youth to be posted on the Waiting Children list. Shannon believes that with the right supports and education in place, all children and youth will find their forever family!

Nicole Patton – Administrative Coordinator

As the Administrative Coordinator, Nicole Patton is the first point of contact for the AdoptOntario program. With experience in administration and writing, Nicole assists the other members of the team in finding forever families for Ontario’s waiting children. She believes that by providing considerate services to adoptive and prospective adoptive families, AdoptOntario can prove to be an important tool in creating forever families. General adoption questions, as well as inquiries about the Databank and public website, can be directed towards Nicole.