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Celebrating 10 Years!

Ten years ago, a group of adoption professionals were concerned about the increasing number of Ontario children in need of a permanent family. They expanded on the idea of an internet-based photolisting with the creation of

Celebrate 10 Years With Us



Melanie and Benjamin

“We were never just another family. We were the family.”

Adoption is a journey and for some people it is longer, twistier and more complicated than others. AdoptOntario has helped to support our needs, share information and resources to grow our family. The staff at AdoptOntario have always been open, understanding and supportive of our unique situation and needs. We were never just another family, we always felt like THE family. Even after the adoption placement, the coordinators have offered support and been genuinely interested in how things are going with our family. Everything has felt very personalized and meaningful throughout the process, which we believe has made a huge difference in our adoption journey! Thank you for what you do for families!

Aviva and family

“If not for AdoptOntario, we would have never met our daughter.”

I still have the two-line AdoptOntario email sent to us by our adoption practitioner with the title: "Looking for family for a teen newcomer from Korea". It was the last sentence, though, that really hooked me. "This teen would benefit from a very nurturing, loving mom who is demonstrative with affection". Less then a year later, she moved in with us full time! That was almost five years ago and we can't imagine life without her! Throughout our adoption journey, AdoptOntario was always there to answer my questions and talk to me about the profiles I saw online. What I really appreciate about AdoptOntario is that they make a prospective parent feel like they are playing an active role in the journey -- you are not just sitting at home waiting for a worker to call you!

Karen and Steven*

"Recently I turned to my daughter and said, 'I don’t remember a time when you weren’t here.'”

After conducting our research and becoming AdoptReady we found our first child on the AdoptOntario website. We were so excited and we immediately called AdoptOntario. We told the worker who answered the phone that this was our child. She instructed us to complete an expression of interest and then sent us additional information. After that, things moved very quickly. Within months of contacting AdoptOntario, our son was placed in our home and within a year, he was adopted. Our experience with them was so positive that when we decided to adopt again. We found our daughter on the AdoptOntario website and, like our son, we knew she was the one. The AdoptOntario family was so supportive. They guided us, supported us and encouraged us. Every time I speak to one of their staff, I tell them how grateful we are for their assistance. We are now a family of four, but our extended family definitely includes AdoptOntario.


“Adoption is a personal commitment to grow your family in a unique way.”

I decided to adopt as a single applicant. The process at times felt long and lonely, although once I registered on AdoptOntario that quickly changed. Through AdoptOntario, I had opportunities to further prepare myself for adoption, participating in AdoptOntario led workshops, as well as to connect with social workers from Children’s Aid Societies from all over Ontario. I also was invited to attend events like the Adoption Resource Exchange where I linked up with other parents, like a fellow single co-worker who I surprisingly found was adopting too. These relationships and experiences facilitated by AdoptOntario, led me to meeting and adopting my son. Thank you AdoptOntario for your commitment and dedication in bringing us together and preparing me for our journey. 

Lori and Mike

"Having AdoptOntario available to parents is incredibly important."

AdoptOntario was invaluable in helping us adopt our third daughter – a beautiful, smart and funny sixteen-year-old girl! My husband and I were interested in adopting a teenager even though we had three younger children. We first saw this wonderful young lady on the AdoptOntario website over a year and a half ago, and we instantly felt a connection. Throughout our adoption process, AdoptOntario provided us with the support and encouragement we desperately needed to keep pushing through. They connected us with other parents who have adopted out of birth order, and they helped us navigate the system, as well as provided us with emotional and personal support. You guys rock!

* Names have been changed to protect family's identity.


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