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How much do you know about adoption in Ontario? Test your adoption know-how? Think you are AdoptReady™? Take the quiz now, upon completion you'll see  the answers.

Who Adopts?
Only wealthy individuals
Individuals who cannot have children of their own
All different types of individuals regardless of their age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, race etc.
How long does it take to complete a homestudy?
1 – 3 months
6 – 8 months
1 year
The length of time can vary depending on appointment times and gathering of documents
What does the term “special needs” mean?
A child that is gifted
A child that has a severe physical disability
A child that requires care and services that are not typical of the “average” child All are true.
Do you have to be of the same race/ethnicity as the child you wish to adopt?
In Canada, how many weeks are adoptive parents eligible for EI benefits after adopting?
52 weeks
12 weeks
35 weeks
What would you do if your adopted child was 18 and wanted to find their birth parents?
Be supportive, understanding and help them as much as you can
Move to another city/country to avoid this from happening
Let your child find them but refuse to have any involvement in the process
In 2008 – 2009, how many CAS adoptions were finalized in Ontario?
Approximately how many children have been listed on the AdoptOntario databank?
What month is Adoption Awareness month?
What is the Adoption Resource Exchange?
The conference is a semi-annual event hosted by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services that helps locate and match adoptive families with Ontario waiting children
The conference is an event which is hosted by the Government of Canada in every province to find matches for adoptive families with international children
The conference is an event only for CAS workers
What is AdoptOntario?
A program of the Adoption Council of Ontario that matches prospective families with Ontario’s waiting children.
An agency that helps birth parents find their adopted children
An agency that funds the Adoption Council of Ontario
I am AdoptReady™ because I have ...
A good, steady income
A home
Parenting and/or adoption experience
Completed a homestudy and parent training
I would be a good parent because I have:
A sense of humour
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