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Adoption & The Adult Adoptee Webinar

Adoption & The Adult Adoptee with Dianne Mathes R.S.W. Adult Adoptee, Therapist, ED Adoption Council of Ontario

Goals: During this 2-hour webinar, Dianne explores the lifelong journey of the adoptee. This webinar focuses on understanding the history, experience and core issues that exist and impact the adult adoptee and how they may “play” at various stages of life stages and phases. The adult adopted person is often hindered in addressing and thus resolving these issues for a combination of reasons. A key focus is what adults who are adopted need to move from coping, longing and surviving to solidly knowing who they are and how to thrive in that knowing and being in the world.


  • Learn about and understand the lens of adoption and what it means
  • Integrate an understanding for yourself of how that lens was shaped for you by history and cultural beliefs
  • Learn what is missing and how missing pieces of your story can leave you at “don’t know points” in your life and journey
  • Explore the core issues in adoption and the duality that they can create in life phases
  • Learn the thoughts, feelings, experiences and perceptions that can occur and the importance of having them recognized, acknowledged and cared for
  • Understand how the issues of loss, grief and abandonment can emerge at stages and phases of life
  • Explore how the issues of shame and control play in your life and may be hidden even from you
  • Learn about the steps and stages of healing from adoption trauma and its role in your life

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 | 7:00PM - 8:30PM | Online Webinar (Registration is closed)

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