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Adoption Matters - Social Media

Adoption Openness Planning in the Social Media Age with Dianne Mathes, Executive Director of the Adoption Council of Ontario

When it comes to ‘untangling the web’ the best defence is a good offence. This session will look at how parents can prepare for the realities of openness in adoption in a world of social media by learning about the internet and openly addressing their children’s interest in learning more about their origins. 

Goals:  To help adoptive families prepare for and navigate through challenges of openness, privacy and, in some cases security for their children within the realities of the age of internet and social media.  


  • Participants will build confidence in pro-actively preparing for challenges in relation to social media and internet use for their specific children
  • Participants will have some understanding of the benefits and the risks of internet use in relation to adoption and openness planning
  • Participants will be prepared to navigate through support healthy openness relationships with birth family members even when connections are unplanned as is common in the age of social media and internet searches

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Monday, April 20th, 2020 | 7:00PM - 8:30PM | Online Webinar

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