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ACEs & Developmental Trauma Part 1 Webinar

ACEs & Developmental Trauma Part 1: The Science & Why it Matters with Kathy Soden & Sylvia Gibbons, Adoption Council of Ontario PACT Team & DTAA Members

Intended audience: pre-adoptive families, adoptive, kinship and customary care families, adult adoptees and the professionals who support those on adoption and permanency journeys


  • provide an overview of:
    • the Adverse Childhood Experiences study and its findings, 
    • the brain science related to childhood trauma and adversity, and 
    • what developmental trauma is all about
  • explain why it's important to understand these topics through the lens of adoption and permanency journeys
  • introduce a discussion about the prevention and healing of developmental trauma which will be expanded upon in Part 2
  • discuss the brain's resilience and opportunities for strengthening neural pathways
  • introduce Ontario's Developmental Trauma Action Alliance and its goals
  • provide relevant resources and further learning opportunities

Monday, October 19th, 2020 | 7:00PM - 8:30PM | Online Webinar 

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Starts: 2020-10-19 19:00:00
Ends: 2020-10-19 20:30:00