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Kal, Joe and Austin | October 2019

Date September 27, 2019 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Sports, sports and more sports! Oh, did we mention sports? If it's got a sporty, outdoorsy, or adventurous feel to it, these three brothers are the first to step up!


Monthly Profile

Name: Kal | Age: Thirteen | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White

Sports, sports and more sports! Oh, did we mention sports? If it's got a sporty, outdoorsy, or adventurous feel to it, these three brothers are the first to step up! As the oldest brother, Kal is a social young person gets along well with people of all ages. Kal has a very positive relationship with his foster parents and particularly enjoys spending time with his foster father working on projects and fixing things. He is very gentle and kind with his infant foster sibling and enjoys spending time with her. Kal responds best to calm and gentle encouragement from caregivers especially when he is frustrated.

Name: Joe | Age: Eleven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White

Eleven-year old Joe can often be found enthusiastically zooming around town with his foster father running errands. Joe's gentle and kind nature is beautiful to watch, especially when he spends time with his infant foster sister.

Name: Austin | Age: Nine | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White

Nine-year old Austin just loves all things water, whether it's bathtime or a trip to the local pool. He's a champ playing independently, such as with building blocks, cars, and figurines. For some moments of quiet time, Austin likes to colour, play video games, or watch TV. Reminders, direction and praise are all tools that help Austin do his best.


"Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play."

Mike Singletary

Personality Academics

Cheerful and outgoing, Kal is creative and regularly plays with LEGO, and builds other things such as paper airplanes. Kal is developing his self-esteem and enjoys showing his witty and sarcastic side. Joe's typically cheerful and talkative personality helps him have a lot of fun! Joe is always challenging himself to do his best, and blossoms with nudges of encouragement when things get tricky. He uses his lovely manners at home where he likes to help out with chores and tasks. Always ready with a warm greeting and a smile, Austin is a friendly child who likes to spend time with people. Helpful and well-mannered, it brings Austin great joy to pitch in around the house.

All three boys are scheduled for an updated psychoeducational assessment to make sure they getting the support they need to thrive at school. Kal receives extra support at school especially in areas of literacy and comprehension and privately with a tutor. Joe looks forward to going to school each day! Extra support, especially in the areas of language and comprehension, is in place for this eager young learner. Austin continues to receive occupational therapy and speech therapy through school, and it is likely that Joe will benefit from these services in the future as well. He is currently in a small Lifeskills program at his school.

Openness Special Considerations

Kal, Joe and Austin will have supervised openness visits with both their birth parents and would benefit from remaining connected to their current foster parents.

Kal and Joe currently receive some private tutoring at home to help them achieve their goals. Austin's social group at his local child development centre and his buddies at a local church help him practice his social skills.

Matching Considerations Questions?

This lovely sibling group would do best with parents who can celebrate in all of their successes, big and small. They would need to be the only children in a home or with much older children, so that their adoptive parents can best support their needs. People who are structured and able to stick to routine with a good balance of being firm and fair would be best in advocating for these two brothers. These curious boys, currently live in and would do best in a rural community with access to community supports.


Please see their profiles on the AdoptOntario Waiting Children list with the case ID 16956, 16955 and 16954.

If you have questions about Kal, Joe and Mason please contact Danielle Otchie, Clinical Coordinator for the AdoptOntario program at:

1-877-ADOPT 20 ext. 2444 or [email]

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