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William | October 2019

Date October 11, 2019 Author Categories Monthly Profile

William is in his final year of high school hopes to gain entrance to the Health Sciences program at university. He already has his top three Ontario universities in mind! He is thinking of a career in biomedical engineering.


Monthly Profile

Age: Seventeen | Ethnicity/Race: Chinese/Asian

William is in his final year of high school hopes to gain entrance to the Health Sciences program at university. He already has his top three Ontario universities in mind! He is thinking of a career in biomedical engineering.

William has always had a curious mind and the ability to pursue his passions. Presently, he and his friends enjoy making electronic musical compositions on YouTube. He likes socializing with his peers, and they will often get together to have a meal together or attend events. He has gone to Fan Expo regularly for the past few years. William also likes science very much. Although sports are not a part of his life, William is keen to work out and often uses the gym at school and does free weights at home. He and his friends have an ongoing rivalry about who can lift the most weight.


"Science is the best idea humans have ever had. The more people who embrace that idea, the better."

Bill Nye

Personality Academics

This highly articulate young man enjoys have interesting and knowledgeable conversations with people. He is very pleasant, polite and endears himself to adults very easily. Adults and children alike have always enjoyed William's company. He has a very close circle of friends who have been a part of his life for many years. He also has some supportive adults in his life, such as current and former teachers, who have functioned as mentors to him.

William is on track to graduate from high school in the spring of 2020. He has been in the gifted stream for many years. He has a strong interest in science, especially biology. He takes part in a number of clubs at school and he has good relationships with several of his teachers. Math is one subject that was more challenging for him in the past year, and he is determined to apply as much effort as possible to attain higher marks.

Openness Special Considerations

William would do best with people who have a relaxed, open, and naturally warm personality. He would do less well with people who have a hectic lifestyle or who have an excessive focus on achievement. It may be helpful for a prospective adoptive parent to function as a friend or mentor to William, and to recognize that the primary goal is the support this young man through his adolescence and young adult years, rather than to make him "fit" with family.

William has a great group of friends who are all similar in interests and academic aspirations. It is crucial that his future adoptive family support his peer relationships.

William experienced significant trauma in his early years and this has deeply impacted his ability to trust parental figures and to allow others to care for him. From a young age, he has focused all his energy on doing well at school, in the belief that he must eventually be on his own and look after himself. In a caregiving situation, the process of building trust will be slow for William. He needs people to be very patient and empathetic. He is also very sensitive and may not always directly tell people what he wants or needs, as he worries about negative outcomes.

He is trying hard to be more open so that others do not overlook or misinterpret his need for help. He benefits from having people who can be encouraging and who will refrain from any judgements or criticism.

Matching Considerations Questions?

William is open to any kind of family composition (single parent or two-parent household, with or without children). He would probably do best with children who are older but he would also do very well in a home that has no children.

He would prefer that he be able to remain near to his current community so that he can stay at the same school and graduate with his peers. Families who live within a certain geographical area will be a great fit for this young man. William has been clear that he wants to have a permanent situation for himself. He does not wish to move out on his own in the near future, and would like a family that can support him emotionally in the years ahead as he embarks on university life and his future career. William is an amazing young person who is wise beyond his years, yet he is also emotionally vulnerable. He wants and needs to be appreciated for who he is, and not what people think he could become.

Please see William's profile on the AdoptOntario Waiting Children list with the case ID 5366.

If you have questions about William please contact Karisa Farinha, Clinical Coordinator for the AdoptOntario program at:

1-877-ADOPT 20 ext. 2555 or [email]

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