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Never Too Late "White Paper"

Date April 2, 2019 Author Sarah Blagdon Categories Newsletter Article

Ashley Ash is a 4th year Social Work student at Ryerson University and a Masters of Social Work Candidate at University of Toronto. Between the ages of 1 and 12 she grew up in the child welfare system in Ontario, experiencing many disruptions and transiency. After being adopted into a trans-racial family, she has continued to see the ways in which lack of support for families and youth impact their trajectories and connections. This summer she undertook a review of literature and wrote a...

Pathways to Permanence Curriculum Update

Date March 9, 2019 Author Sarah Blagdon Categories Newsletter Article

The Evaluation Program results are in! We are thrilled to report strong results from our 3-year evaluation program of the Pathways to Permanence: Parenting Children who have experienced Trauma & Loss curriculum. Pathways is a 24 hour curriculum for adoptive, kinship and customary care parents and caregivers. The results of our testing demonstrate statistically significant improvement on a "pre" vs. "post" basis on a number of key measures: resilience, family functioning, and nurturing...

Complex Medical Needs

Date March 9, 2019 Author Sarah Blagdon Categories Newsletter Article

Have you ever considered parenting a child or youth with a complex medical need? And what does a “complex medical need” even mean? You may have already been asked that question while considering adoption or you could still be waiting for that question to come. It is not uncommon to think that you have to be a nurse or doctor or have type of medical training to do so, but you do not. You only need an open mind and a willingness to learn about some scary sounding topics. You may have...

Never Too Late: Program Update

Date February 11, 2019 Author Sarah Blagdon Categories Newsletter Article

NTL presents its first orientation session! On Saturday, January 19th eleven souls braved the snow and came from all across the GTA and beyond for the NEVER TOO LATE (NTL) pilot orientation session. Developed by both young people from care and adoptive parents of older youth, the session’s aim was to educate people about what the experience of being in care can be like, what aging out of care is like and what roles people can take to become the safe, lifelong, unconditional connection...

New Year with New Coordinators

Date December 19, 2017 Author Sarah Blagdon Categories Newsletter Article

Happy New Year! With the ringing in of 2018, AdoptOntario would like to formally introduce you to our two newest clinical coordinators: Emily Dekker (left) and Lauren Glassman (right). Both Lauren and Emily bring a number of diverse skills and experiences to better assist you in recruiting for your children or families. We sat down with our new coordinators to learn a bit more about them!   What is one thing you think people should know about AdoptOntario? Lauren...

Autism Through the Eyes of Parents

Date April 3, 2017 Author Sarah Blagdon Categories Newsletter Article

Review written by Karisa Farinha, Clinical Coordinator with AdoptOntario In celebrating Autism Awareness Day, AdoptOntario thought it would be exciting to share some tips and tools professionals can share with their families who have adopted a child with autism.  Researchers Roberta Woodgate, Christine Ateah and Loretta Secco (2008) published an article entitled ‘Living in a World of Our Own: The Experience for Parents Who Have a Child with Autism’.  This article explores the lived...

Wendy's Wonderful Kids - Corine MacDonald

Date March 6, 2017 Author Sarah Blagdon Categories Newsletter Article

I started my position with the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK) in May 2016. The child-focused recruitment model allows for deeper exploration of the youths’ lives, learning about present and past connections and relationships and learning about their life experiences and how that has impacted our youth in foster care. With the smaller caseload sizes, I am able to connect with the youth and spend time learning more about them, which is one of the part of my role I enjoy the most. It is...

February News

Date February 6, 2017 Author Mantis System Categories Newsletter Archive | Newsletter Article

CELEBRATING ADOPTONTARIO'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY 2017 Marks the 10th Anniversary of AdoptOntario's Resources Databank In 2006, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services funded the creation of AdoptOntario Professional and the Adoption Resources Databank as an initiative of the provincial child welfare transformation agenda. Today, the AdoptOntario Resources Databank assists child welfare and adoption professionals in finding the province's waiting children their forever...

How does the Motherisk ruling affect your adopted kids?

Date February 2, 2016 Author Mantis System Categories Newsletter Article

Justice Lang made two recommendations related to managing of adoptions that may be impacted.  While the Commissioner appointed will provide more detail on this, families can be assured that a child's best interest will be considered in any next steps.  2 .5 Children Who Have Been Adopted 32. If an affected child has been placed for adoption (particularly without an openness order) in part because of flawed evidence from MDTL, the currently available range of remedies is legislatively...

Queen's researchers study willingness to adopt children with special needs

Date February 1, 2016 Author Mantis System Categories Newsletter Article

The study examined the preferences and attitudes of a large sample of 5,830 AdoptOntario online registrants between May 2009 and February 2012. The registrants were classified as “public users,” “prospective adoptive parents,” or “adoption ready,” based on their stage in the adoption application process (which includes formal home assessments and training sessions for those applying to adopt). The registrants were asked a number of questions to determine their preferences in child...

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