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Mac | August 2017

Date August 15, 2017 Author Keisha Smith Categories Monthly Profile

Mac is a very affectionate, social and happy boy. In his grade one year, Mac was recognized with an Empathy Award at school for his demonstration of warmth and caring for others. He is full of energy and loves being outside, especially camping and swimming. He is always on the go! Although Mac has a short attention span and changes activities frequently, if engaged in an activity he enjoys, his attention span is much longer. He enjoys looking at books as he knows the alphabet, numbers, colors...

Jeffrey | August 2017

Date August 15, 2017 Author Keisha Smith Categories Monthly Profile

Jeffrey has a laugh that fills the room and will lift your heart. He has an easy temperament and a happy disposition. This lovable and social little boy is great at entertaining himself. He loves to play with toys that spin or any other game he can play on his own. He loves his own company and enjoys being on his own. Sometimes he is so focused and quiet that you will have to remind yourself that he is there. Jeffrey is an easy-going and good-natured boy who will need an engaging and...

Nick | September 2016

Date September 14, 2016 Author adoptontarioca Categories Monthly Profile

 Nick loves to play video games, as well as play with his stuffed animals, cars and little figurines. He gets excited and needs to be politely reminded to keep his voice and noises to a minimum. Nick plays very well by himself, he does some nice arts and crafts projects and likes to play with animals. Nick had high expectations for himself and always wanted to be the best when playing with others. He is doing well at accepting that others might have different strengths than him. ...

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