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Zane | June 2018

Date June 5, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

An all-around likeable young man, Zane takes delight in a variety of activities. From sports to video games to preparing meals and even volunteering in his community, Zane always keeps himself busy. He has many talents and interests, and is always seeking to do well. Zane currently participates in three different sports teams, where he is extremely connected with his coaches. Being on these teams provide Zane with confidence, and gives him a sense of belonging.  ...

Peter | June 2018

Date June 5, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Peter has plans to be the Prime Minister of Canada one day! He is a natural performer and will have you roaring with laughter with his great sense of humour. His talents and interests also extend to drawing, electronics and a love for animals. He is very keen to explore new things with some support and encouragement.    PETER'S PROFILE Age: Ten | Religion: Christian | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/Aboriginal/White Peter has...

Lucie | April 2018

Date April 9, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Lucie is a loveable girl who loves dancing; swinging on the swings; watching shows on Treehouse TV; looking through picture books; and playing with her toys. She takes pride in her appearance and likes to dress up in “pretty” clothes. As dressing up is so much fun for Lucie, it makes sense that her favourite holiday is Halloween! She loves to learn and takes joy in her achievements. When she accomplishes something new, she will proudly announce “ta da!” in celebration.   ...

Kyle | March 2018

Date March 26, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Kyle is an active young man who wants to be a construction worker when he grows up. He loves any opportunity to burn some of his boundless energy and he currently enjoys karate, swimming, gymnastics and playing basketball. Kyle is very curious and will try new things without much hesitation. This can sometimes get him into trouble and he does best when he is closely supervised. He also always takes time to be well dressed and look his best!   ...

Jacob | March 2018

Date March 26, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Jacob is a busy child who quickly moves from one activity to the next, although his favourite activities are stacking cups and watching Monsters Inc. Jacob loves to explore new things that catch his attention. Recently, he has found a new passion for cars and trucks! He has acquired a nice collection of toy cars and gets super excited when he sees big trucks go by outside. Previously, he had the opportunity to go swimming, and is getting better at relaxing and enjoying himself in the water....

Daniel | March 2018

Date March 12, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Daniel is an active young man who thrives on one-on-one attention. He loves spending time playing outdoors where he can burn off some energy! Daniel is also a big fan of arts and crafts, and is always open to trying new things. He likes playing video games, and enjoys tactile and physical learning. Daniel requires support and patience with his daily activities to help him focus on tasks.    DANIEL'S PROFILE Age: Eight |...

David and Darren | February 2018

Date February 5, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

David is a young man with a passion for Disney who loves playing Disney Trivial Pursuit and drawing Disney characters in his spare time. Both boys are very active in sports, with David joining his school's cross country team last year! Darren is a very responsible young man who enjoys taking care of his foster family’s dog or helping out around the house. Like his brother, Darren is very active in sports and is beginning to play hockey in a league for children with unique needs!...

Macey | January 2018

Date January 15, 2018 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Macey has large, sparkly eyes and a smile that lights up the room! She likes to sing, count and whistle, and she also enjoys playtime, being outside, arts and crafts, and interacting with her peers. Macey attends music therapy and it has become one of her favourite activities!    MACEY'S PROFILE Age: Seven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White Macey has large, sparkly eyes and a smile that lights up the room! She likes to sing,...

Maya | October 2017

Date October 3, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Melodic tunes often fill the air when Maya is around, as she thoroughly enjoys listening to music and is quite skilled learning new songs very quickly. To help further bolster her love for music, Maya recently received a new guitar and hopes to begin taking guitar lessons soon. Maya enjoys helping out around the house with a range of tasks including tidying, gardening, and cooking. Understandably, shows like Food Factory really grab her attention. She also loves animals and enjoys helping to...

Michael | September 2017

Date September 19, 2017 Author Categories Monthly Profile

Active and bursting with fun and energy, Michael loves to spend time outdoors going for walks, riding his bike and bouncing on the trampoline. For even bigger adventures, Michael enjoys going fishing and riding on an ATV. When he’s spending time inside, Michael likes to let his artistic side show through drawing, colouring, doing crafts, sculpting with Play-Doh and building with LEGO. Playing with toy cars and trucks, as well as enjoying his Nintendo DS and other electronics are also some...

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