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Meet the AdoptOntario team

Meet the AdoptOntario team.


Dianne Mathes, RSW – Executive Director

Dianne Mathes was a therapist in private practice with a specialty in adoption. She has worked for the last 25 years in the area of adoption reunion, trauma counselling and attachment therapy, with counselling and retreat locations in Muskoka and Toronto.

Karisa Farinha, RSW – AdoptOntario Program Manager

As Program Manager, Karisa Farinha brings her experience in social work – including two years of child protection experience in London, England – to the AdoptOntario team. Karisa works with the team, and adoption field in creating new and innovative ways to support Waiting Children in the province through recruitment and adoption events. With over eight years as a Clinical Coordinator and ARE Coordinator, Karisa brings her insight and passion to the ongoing development of the AdoptOntario program as Program Manager. She believes that every child and youth have a forever family and that it is just about finding the right one.

Danielle Otchie, MSW, RSW - Senior Clinical Coordinator

After working for five years as a frontline social worker in child protection, fostering and adoption, Danielle Otchie developed a passion for ensuring that every child has a family to grow up and grow old in. As Senior Clinical Coordinator, she uses her expertise to support her teammates as well as adoption workers and colleagues across the province. Danielle brings her local and international experience to the AdoptOntario team. She assists adoption workers in profiling children and youth on the AdoptOntario website and Databank, as well as advocates and communicates with families about children and the adoption process. Danielle's work is focused towards the ultimate goal of finding successful matches, in collaboration with the AdoptOntario team and the adoption workers across the province. Danielle cares very deeply about making the adoption process as smooth as possible for both children and families.

Vivian McCauley, BSW, RSW - Clinical Coordinator

As a Clinical Coordinator, Vivian McCauley brings her social work experiences in child protection and school settings to AdoptOntario. She also has worked directly with children who benefitted from additional supports, specifically targeting life skills development. Vivian brings both local and international work experience to the team. In her position, Vivian supports adoption workers through profiling and registering children using the AdoptOntario platform. She also provides information and guidance to prospective adoptive parents regarding the adoption process. Vivian believes in the importance of the wellbeing and happiness of young people and this motivates her to find warm and supportive adoptive homes for every child and youth.

Keisha Smith, BA - ARE Coordinator

Starting out as the Administrative Assistant one year ago, Keisha will be shifting gears and embarking on a new journey within the AdoptOntario team as the ARE Coordinator. Having spent the past year learning the inner workings of the AdoptOntario program from many vantage points, along with spending her time connecting with families and adoption professionals, Keisha will be able to bring a broad perspective to this role. Specifically, her position within the team is to oversee the implementation and facilitation of all AdoptOntario adoption events. Keisha holds a bachelor’s degree in the field of Disability Studies, where she began exploring different ways to encourage and embrace accessibility and inclusion. Keisha is thrilled to implement her educational background along with her related work experience to ensure all adoption events support children and youth in finding their forever families.