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Never Too Late "White Paper"

Date April 2, 2019 Author Categories Newsletter Article

Ashley Ash is a 4th year Social Work student at Ryerson University and a Masters of Social Work Candidate at University of Toronto. Between the ages of 1 and 12 she grew up in the child welfare system in Ontario, experiencing many disruptions and transiency. After being adopted into a trans-racial family, she has continued to see the ways in which lack of support for families and youth impact their trajectories and connections.

This summer she undertook a review of literature and wrote a major research paper on outcomes for youth who age out titled: The Push for Permanency and Permanency Planning in Ontario.  Ashley writes “The topic of permanency and permanency planning is largely left out of the conversation of youth transitioning out of care and such young people who fall in the cohort of having ‘aged out’ and are in young adulthood continue to struggle with feelings of isolation, lack of connection and belonging. Hoping to differ from the vast literature on child welfare and adoption, this report focuses on permanency as a fluid concept and one that is vital to young people’s well being. Ethically, I could not complete this review without including the voices of young people and you will find young people’s voices in the paper. Finally, instead of doing research just for the sake of it, this review is also being coupled with the strategy of the Never Too Late program run under the Adoption Council of Ontario.

Ashley Ash White Paper Report
[Download Ashley Ash's Report]