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The AdoptOntario Program

The AdoptOntario program is for families interested in adoption - whether approved, in the process of being assessed, or making initial enquiries about the process. We collaborate with social workers and agencies that place children for adoption.

The AdoptOntario Program

The heart of our program is two inter-related sites: the public-facing website, and the professional website for adoption professionals such as the Children’s Aid Societies (CASs) and approved private adoption practitioners.

The public-facing site provides:

  • Educational resources, information, and events about adoption
  • PRIDE information (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) including: province-wide PRIDE sessions schedule and details e.g., date, time, location, cost per person, cost per couple and contact name
  • A photolisting section of children who are in foster care and waiting for a family. It includes descriptions of children, child videos (if available), and a link to request in-depth information about a particular child.
  • Clinical support for families and adoption professionals through email and direct phone contact.

The professional site provides:

  • A secure Adoption Resources Databank that hosts families with completed homestudies and children awaiting adoption.
  • A matching tool that provides potential matches of children and prospective families.
  • Automated monthly emails sent to workers, which identify new and updated matches for prospective families and waiting children.