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Resources for your family

Resources for Your Family

Adding a family to the AdoptOntario Adoption Resources Databank is almost identical to adding a child with very few exceptions in the menu options.

Similarly, there are five key steps for adoption professionals when resourcing for your family to help ensure a successful outcome. They are:

  1. Add family to databank and consider matched children
  2. Search databank children
  3. Host a private child profile night to show potential children to the family
  4. Direct the family to the photolisting
  5. Contact AdoptOntario staff about additional outreach options

Note: You can register a child in the databank by clicking the Register a Child form here. Send the completed child referral form to or fax to 1-877-543-0009

You can review the overview of these steps in the Recruiting for Your Waiting Children section, and refer to AdoptOntario Professional Recruitment Handbook for further details.

You can register a family in the databank by clicking the Referring a Family to the AdoptOntario Databank form. Send the completed family registration form to or fax to 1-877-543-0009.

To register the family directly in the databank, login and click Add/Find Family and proceed with New Family Registration.
For tips on how to add a family to our databank, see Adding a Child on pages 20 – 25 of the AdoptOntario Professional Recruitment Handbook.