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Resources for your family

Resources for Your Family

Adding a family to the AdoptOntario Adoption Resources Databank is almost identical to adding a child with very few exceptions in the menu options.

Similarly, there are five key steps for adoption professionals when resourcing for your family to help ensure a successful outcome. They are:

  1. Add family to databank and consider matched children
  2. Search databank children
  3. Host a private child profile night to show potential children to the family
  4. Direct the family to the photolisting
  5. Contact AdoptOntario staff about additional outreach options

Note: You can register a child in the databank by signing up for an account here

You can review the overview of these steps in the Recruiting for Your Waiting Children section, and refer to AdoptOntario Professional Recruitment Handbook (New Handbook coming soon) for further details.

You can register a family in the databank by clicking the Referring a Family to the AdoptOntario Databank form. Send the completed family registration form to or fax to 1-877-543-0009.

To register the family directly in the databank, login and click Add/Find Family and proceed with New Family Registration.
For tips on how to add a family to our databank, see the AdoptOntario Professional Recruitment Handbook.