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Professional Video Tutorials

Are you sitting by your computer wondering, “How do I use AdoptOntario?”  “How do I register a family or child?” “How does AdoptOntario work?”

Well, wonder no more! AdoptOntario has launched professional tutorials available on AdoptOntario Professional. These tutorials will give you a step by step walk through by highlighting key features and allow you to learn at your own pace. 

*You will be prompted to log-in before accessing the tutorials. 

Getting Started

This tutorial will take you through the basics of using AdoptOntario Professional to aid in family recruitment. You will take a quick look at the AdoptOntario Professional Dashboard, the hub from which most work gets done.

*If you ever lose or forget your username or password, you can recover it by clicking the Recover Your Username or Password link on the sign in page.


Basic Navigation & Adding a Child

In this segment you will begin actually putting the system to work, "Adding a Child to the Databank".

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Basic Navigation & Adding a Family 

In this segment you will begin actually putting the system to work, "Adding a Family to the Databank".

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Intelligent Matching Engine & Detailed Match Report

After registering a child or family, you will be taken immediately to either Family Matches or Child Matches.

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Adding a Child to the Photolisting 

Having a child in the AdoptOntario database opens up the option of including that child in the AdoptOntario photolisting system, giving them much wider exposure.

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If you have any questions after watching these videos, please contact us at or call us at 416-482-0021.