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Vision and Mission Statements

Vision and Mission Statements

Our vision:

Making permanent families a reality for all children in Ontario.

Our mission:

AdoptOntario™ helps to make the critical connections between Ontario families, and children in the care of Children’s Aid Societies who are waiting for a “forever family”. We provide a photolisting, databank, matching tool and clinical support for families and adoption professionals.

In fulfilling our mission, we believe:

  • All children and youth in Ontario’s Children’s Aid Society care that cannot return to the care of their birth families deserve loving, committed and permanent families. Adoption is an effective way to achieve this.
  • All children and youth are adoptable.
  • Children and youth waiting for adoption should not be denied a timely adoption placement based on their locality in Ontario, age, ability, special need status, adoption history, sibling group size, race, ethnicity and gender.
  • No child should exit foster care into adulthood without a permanent family.
  • Children and youth should play an active role in their permanency planning and their voice should be heard by those planning for them.
  • Ontario families are a valuable resource for children. Furthermore, we believe that adoptive families should play a major role in the adoption process and that the entire family has a right to respect, to autonomy and to pre/post-adoption support as needed.
  • In order to achieve permanency for children, those involved in planning for the child must work together in a respectful and responsible way, keeping their focus on the best permanent outcome for the child.